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Do you agree with Wood that the cause of the American War of Essay

Do you agree with Wood that the cause of the American War of Independence was a desire for liberty - Essay Example The political order that took place as a result of the revolution was much based upon the liberal ideology rather than on the economic necessities of the time. Wood argues that the revolution has much to do with the intellectual roots having Greek, Roman and English past. His argument is radically different as he argues that ideology and a deep desire for liberty was the real cause of the revolution rather than the increasing economic interests of various groups. He suggests that American independence was not the result of the economics but that of ideology. The opposing arguments focus on the economic nature of the revolution and largely see the overall phenomenon a result of the increasing needs for achieving economic independence from the Brittan. This paper will discuss and argue whether the American war of independence was the result of the desire for liberty or it has its roots in the economic conditions at that time. Liberty & Freedom To argue and discuss on the arguments of W ood, it is critical first to really examine what liberty means in American culture and how it actually shaped up the overall ideology for the country and the War of Independence. It is also critical to understand and explore the overall dynamics of the power and how it was perceived by the Colonists. Though there was a clear understanding of what power is and what role it can play into the overall politics of the country, it was however, relatively felt that power may create the dominance of few over the masses. However liberty largely relies upon how effective the checks are on the use of power within the society. It rests upon the overall ability of the people to create and maintain effective checks and balances on the use of power to ensure that social and individual liberty remains intact as the dominating ideology of society. The colonial thought was therefore also based upon achieving the liberty and freedom not only from the English power but also develop a society which prov ides a legal and constitutional cover to the individual freedom and liberty. The war of independence therefore has its historical roots in this deep rooted belief that use of power within the society should be managed to the point where it effectively do not hinder the progress of human freedom and individual liberty. Colonial America therefore fought a war for achieving the universal right of liberty and freedom for everyone in the world.( Bailyn, 1992).   The America society and the way it has been shaped have been largely influenced by the way liberty has been defined. In American lexicon, it is mostly associated with the social liberty combined with the laissez faire nature of the markets where government has a very minimal role. Liberty therefore is largely viewed as a concept which does not favor fiscal conservatism and indicates that individual liberty as well as happiness is largely affected by the intervention of the government into the affairs of the individuals. The con cept is more related with gaining liberty from the government and its overall hold onto the affairs of the individuals. The overall historical evidence of the War also suggests that the revolutionaries were more concerned with the intervention and role of British Government.( Newell, 1998).   Wood argues that though it may not be entirely conclusive to suggest that ideas result into certain behaviors and actions of the individual

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